Residential and Commercial Use

Featuring 9 patented design elements, the CurbVault® is virtually indestructible. It can withstand vandalism from baseball bats, bullets, and more! With the CurbVault® you have excellent protection from mail theft when you are in town and out of town.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

“We have had our CurbVault® for almost 7 years now and it has been a real life-saver for us! We travel a lot and need something to hold our mail, and keep it safe. Just wanted to let you know it was worth every penny! Thank you. ”

-- Gene and Becky J. of Brooklyn, NY

“We purchased our CurbVault® 5 years ago when we moved into our new home. We wanted a mailbox with a large and secure reservoir to hold our mail while traveling. The CurbVault® with its tank-like construction and huge mail-holding section has been everything we wanted and more! It's the last mailbox we will ever buy! Thanks for making such a great product!”

-- Dave and Debbie Mendieta of Magnolia, TX

“Good morning. My name is Shelly and I just wanted to thank you for inventing such a hard to find, well made mailbox! I live in Venice, Florida and really needed a secure mailbox that could hold my mail for long periods of time. Also one that could safely and securely do that without the over-flow being shown to the public. Thank you so much. My CurbVault® is worth so much more than words can say!”

-- Shelly G. of Florida

“For over 8 years now, my Curbvault has proven itself to be an awesome investment!  It has saved us countless headaches and worry,  since we were previously victims of mail theft.  It's built like a Sherman Tank!  Thank you.”

-- Jimmie and Melody Ewell, Locust Grove, GA

“Hey. Just wanted to let you know how much we've enjoyed our Curbvault since 2005.  What a mailbox!! Looks good too. ”

-- Paul and Lisa, Seattle, WA

“This mailbox is built better than my house!  And for it to be constructed in the good ole USA, makes me proud to be an American again! ”

-- Curtis W., Oklahoma City, OK

“I live in Beverly Hills and this Curbvault is the best looking mailbox on my street!  Pure class!  Can't believe how well it's put together! Thanks.”

-- Norma, Beverly Hills, CA

“Dear Sirs, I found a broken baseball bat beside my Curbvault the other day.  Not a mark on the mailbox, though. Wonder  what that was all about. Ha Ha.”

-- George T., New Orleans, LA

“This has got to be the greatest mailbox in the world! We came home after being away for 2 weeks, and there was still room for more in our Curbvault.  Awesome product!”

-- The McWorters, Richmond, VA

“Just wanted to let you know how much we love our Curbvault. Looks fantastic, and we can tell it was built to last! My husband uses a wheelchair and can roll right up to it. Thanks!”

-- J.H., Pleasant Valley, AZ

“You can't be cautious enough.  I don't worry about my mail anymore, especially when I am out of town...”

-- P.Smith of Orlando, Florida

“We can see how it will be beneficial to us... and wish we had gotten the CurbVault® a long time ago.”

-- D.Laab of Georgia Power

CurbVault Security Mailbox Defense Against Mail Theft, from Mail Theft Solutions, Inc.

Product Features

The CurbVault®’s 3,200 cubic inches provide ample storage room, so that you can be out of town for several days knowing that your mail is safe and secure.

Once mail is deposited into the CurbVault®, it falls to the base, where it can only be accessed by opening the rear panel. The rear panel is secured with a self-locking door for your convenience and security.  In addition, the 1/4" inch, 12-gage, & 14-gage ALL-welded NON-RUSTING GALVANIZED STEEL construction of the CurbVault® prevents any type of intrusion or dismantling by even the most determined thieves.

Details of the Converter Tray

CurbVault Defense Against Mail and Identity Theft, from Mail Theft Solutions, Inc.

Details of the Mounting Post

Mounting Bracket for CurbVault Security Mailbox, from Mail Theft Solutions, Inc.
  • The CurbVault®’s ALL-welded NON-RUSTING GALVANIZED STEEL construction of 1/4 inch, 12 gage, and 14 gage, makes it impervious to almost every conceivable act of vandalism or break-in
  • The ultimate defense against mail and identity theft
  • A great alternative to brick
  • Invisible in-ground 1/4" non-rusting galvanized steel plate mount meets D.O.T. specifications, and is included. No pad needed.
  • Anti-Fishing Diverter
  • The "Catch Tray" makes rear retrieval away from traffic safer, easier, and wheel chair accessible
  • Self-locking rear door; self-closing front door. No key needed to re-lock when your hands are full
  • The "drive-up" front "Converter Tray" allows for out-going mail, and for immediate switch from anti-theft to conventional mailbox mode
  • Meets and exceeds all postal regulations
  • Oversized deposit door opening, no slot
  • Rust-proof semi-gloss thick textured heavy-duty powder coating inside and out even DEFIES SEA SPRAY!
  • Available in 4 colors
  • No hinges to ever break, wear-out, or freeze.
  • Huge storage capacity up to 3,200 cubic inches
  • Exclusive water tight, mildew-resistant condensation system
  • Non-fading UV protected red flag made of thick 12-gage non-rusting gavanized steel.
  • 50 ½” outside total height
  • 35” from base to front door pivot (outside height front dimension)
  • 12” x 13 ½” base dimensions
  • 14” from inside front door to inside back wall
  • 11 5/8” x 13 ½” deposit door opening
  • 11” x 11 3/8” real door opening
  • The 120 pound structure has a Lifetime Replacement Warranty